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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 11, Number 9

September 1998

September Membership Meeting
Wed., September 2, 1998 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



August 17th saw our club having the most prestigious and unique meeting of the year. Thanks to member Richard Bilak, who organized the meeting at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, we were able to conduct the meeting from where President Clinton once stood- in front of the famous Sidney Laurence painting of Mt. McKinley.

We had illustrious visitors from the ANA convention in Portland, and they were given a tour of the museum. John, Laura, Julian with wife & kids, Haitham, as well as Mildred & her daughter all took a cruise to Alaska and had time to attend our meeting before going up north to Denali via the Alaska Railroad.

Hors d'oeuvres were served and a fine time was had talking to collectors from other areas.

Obverse Design of the New Quarter

Obverse Design of the New Quarter

An 1883-CC uncirculated Morgan Dollar in US Government holder was raffled off. Julian Leidman bought the last ticket then won the dollar. Julian's wife, Fran, won the 1998 Alaska Mint Eagle Medallion door prize. Theda Hall won the PCGS-64 1962 Franklin Half dollar door prize and the membership prize, a 1989 New Zealand 14th Commonwealth Games Mint Set, was won by her husband and Anchorage Coin Club member, Robert Hall.

A discussion was started about the Christmas Raffle prize. Member Robin Sisler had a 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent in VF20 from an incomplete set...but some thought just a penny was not alluring enough. As a result that incomplete set will be upgraded to a complete Lincoln Wheat Cent set (minus the 1922 Plain). Roy Brown even offered a nice book for the set. It was decided that a set of Lincoln cents (with the key date 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, and 1931-S pennies) would make a fine prize to be raffled off our Christmas Party (scheduled for December 3rd). Tickets will be $5/each and can be purchased at our upcoming club meetings.



Schedule of Events of the Month of September:

1. Monthly Membership Meeting: September 2nd (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcomed. There will be a presentation by club members who attended the ANA Convention in Portland on their experiences of that event. There will be a bullet auction for only 10 coin lots. Members wishing to submit coins for the bullet auction can bring them to the meeting.

2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting: September 11th (Friday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church (corner of Cordova and 15th Avenue). YNs , club members, and general public welcomed. Presentation by Loren Lucason on "Collecting Ancient Egyptian Coins".

3. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: September 16th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

Minutes of the August 19th Board Meeting:

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:15PM.

First order of business discussed was the club table at the ANA Convention in Portland. Larry Nakata reported everything went well on setup of the club table, manning of the club table, and distribution of club material. Several bronze 5th/10th year commemorative sets were sold at the convention.

Also discussed was the August 17th membership / social event meeting at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. A number of visitors from the ANA cruise came to the event. All Board members agreed the event went very well.

Mike On announced the next coin show will be scheduled for the weekend of October 17th and 18th at the Shipcreek Mall (formerly known as the Post Office Mall). Tables will be available at $35/ table for the weekend show. Interested parties can contact Mike Orr at his evening number 522-3679 for tables. Mike has requested that moneys for the tables be paid by September 30th.

The Board then went over an agenda of club events and programs for the remainder of the year.

September 2nd will see the membership meeting topic be on the subject of the Portland ANA Convention & our club members experience of that event. The September 11th YN meeting will be on the subject of "Collecting Ancient Egyptian Coins" as presented by Loren Lucason.

We have an opening for a presentation for the club's October 7th membership meeting. We need a volunteer to give one. The YN meeting on October 9th will be an event that will earn YNs some YN Bucks for the Christmas Party / Coin Auction.

We have an opening for a presentation for the club's November 4th membership meeting. The YN meeting on November 13th will be a presentation by Mike Orr. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the State of Israel, Mike Orr will give a presentation on the "Coins and Currency of Israel".

December 3rd is the date chosen for our coin club's combined Membership Meeting/ YN Meeting/ Potluck Christmas Party / Christmas Coin Auction.

The Christmas Raffle Prize will be a complete Lincoln Wheat Cent set minus the 1922 Plain coin. The key date (1909-S VDB) cent has been graded VF-20 in the set. (Editors Note: That's one heck of a raffle prize when you consider the set also includes the 1914-D & 1931-S cents). Raffle tickets will be available at $5/ticket.

As there was no further business, the Board meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Delaware Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Delaware Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

Well... summer vacation will soon be coming to a close and all of you YNs will be going back to school. With the start of September our YN meetings will again resume.

Over the summer, member Loren Lucason and I have been looking at new and interesting topics for our upcoming series of YN meetings.

We're going to start off with a "bang" in September with Loren going over the subject of collecting "Ancient Egyptian Coins". Meeting date will be September 11th (the second Friday of September) at 7:00 PM over at the Central Lutheran Church.

Figure on pizza and soda pop for all of you YNs that night. Who knows what sort of "freebie" coins you might even get that night. You won't know unless you come to the YN meeting.

We also want to go over a "YN Bucks" project for you YNs. YN Bucks earned can be used to bid on coins at our club's Christmas Coin Auction.

Meantime...enjoy what's left of Summer. Loren and I will see all of you on September 11th......Larry Nakata,




by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

Since joining the Anchorage Coin Club some nine years ago, a number of the club members kept encouraging me to go to the yearly ANA convention. It was pointed out that it's an experience to behold. So with this year's convention occurring in Portland, I decided to go. The plane fare was relatively inexpensive and hotel rates reasonable. What helped make up my mind was knowing the Anchorage Coin Club had a club table at the convention and needed volunteers to man that club table.

On the afternoon of August 4th I headed to Portland on a plane. I took with me all of the items needed for our club table. It sure was a bulky and heavy box. Getting into Portland at 9:30 PM my first perception was seeing a growing city.

Portland is growing so quickly that their airport is undergoing a $I billion expansion. The construction going on at the Portland Airport caused me to have to walk clear across the airport parking garage to get to my hotel shuttle. That was no easy task with that big, bulky box. By 11 PM that night I was finally settled into my hotel, which was situated several blocks from the Portland Convention Center.

The following morning (August 5th) was the official start of the ANA Convention. The ANA had shuttle buses running every 15 minutes from my hotel to the convention center. Thanks to those buses, it was relatively easy getting those club table items to the center.

I registered, got my badge, and at 9:30 am that morning the opening ceremonies occurred. Following the usual speeches by ANA President Swiatek, officials from the Portland mayor's office, and other dignitaries...the convention center officially opened at 10 am.

On the convention floor I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer number of coin tables (also known as bourse tables). There were over 1000 dealer tables on the floor with dealers from all over the country. I spotted club members Robert Hall, Carl, Ben Guild, Doug Williams, and Kurtis Hawk. After finding our coin club table (Table 1100), the club table items were set up. At our table, there was club literature available, copies of our club's July & August newsletters, our club wooden nickels, aluminum Alaska Mint tokens donated by member Mike Robuck for distribution, and our club's 5th / 10th year medallions (for sale). By 11 am we were settled down with a schedule set up on manning of our club table. I then started to read the ANA's Official Program book to figure out what I wanted to do in the coming days (August 5-9).

In reading over the program I discovered the dealers actually set up their tables on the evening of August 3rd and were given the next day (August 4th) for transactions on the convention floor. These transactions were limited to just the dealers and special invited guests. From what I understand, a lot of business is done during that one day.

The program listed all of the seminar presentations and meetings that would be given during the course of the convention. Besides manning the club table I ended up attending a lot of these seminars and meetings. While the ANA did provide special tour packages every day to visit the sites around Portland, I just did not have the time for the "tourist bit".

Among the seminars I attended in the following days were:

"The Owls of Athens: Coinage of an Empire" presented by Dr. Ute Wartenberg. She gave an excellent presentation on how Greek coinage evolved and how it was ultimately dominated by the coinage from Athens.

"An Introduction to Liberty Seated Coinage" presented by Dustin Johnston.

"The Status of the 50 State Quarters and the Dollar Coin" presented by Philip Diehl/Director of the US Mint. I was very impressed with this presentation...impressed enough that I wrote an article about it in this month's newsletter.

"Traditional Chinese Coinage in the ANA Museum" presented by Robert Hoge.

"Beauty and the Beast" presented by H. Robert Campbell who covered the subject of rainbow toning and lelling the difference between natural and artificial toning.

"Collecting Bible Coins- A Beginning" presented by William Murray who gave a pretty good talk on collecting the traditional biblical coins: the widow's mite, the tribute penny, and the famed 30 pieces of silver.

Among the meetings I attended were the:

ANA District Delegate/ Regional Coordinators Meeting

ANA Publications Committee Meeting

Numismatic Bibliomania Society Meeting

Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA) Meeting..., our coin club is a member of that organization.

CONECA Meeting

ANA Town Hall Meeting with the ANA Board of Governors

ANA Club Representative Meeting-in which our coin club won 2nd Place for outstanding local club publication (for the second year in a row). First Place went to the Orange Coin Club in New Jersey and 3rd Place going to the Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club. Yours truly received our club's award at that meeting.

Pennsylavania Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Pennsylvania Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

In the days that followed other Anchorage Coin Club members that attended the convention were Bruce Gamble, Scott Hornal, Kaye Dethridge, Mike Robuck, and YN Alex Lyle. Altogether some 11 members from our club ventured to Portland for this event...a very good turnout. We all "pitched in" and helped out at the club table.

Thursday and Friday evenings (August 6th & 7th) saw me attending the ANA World Series of Numismatics... a Double Jeopardy type numismatic contest with esteemed members from within the ANA membership as contestants. The winning team for the 2nd year in a row was Anthony Swiatek (our ANA president) and Bob Alexander, They won by a landslide over the other competing teams.

I was particularly impressed with the displays and exhibits on the convention floor:

There was the "Half Cent Variety" exhibit that sticks out in my mind.

All those half cents in that display case must have been MS-65 specimens.

There was the billion dollar display by the US Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Displayed were $500 million and $100 million Treasury notes with coupons, sheets of $100,000 bills, and $5,000 & $10,000 Gold notes in crisp uncirculated (CD) condition. It was something to behold.

There was the Royal Canadian Mint's .gold bar and gold coin display. They even had a fully uniformed Royal Canadian mounted police standing guard over that display. Very impressive.

Every day saw some sort of auction going on. There was the Heritage Bullet Coin Auction in which slabs were auctioned off. Every evening saw a different auction session by Heritage. There was even a YN Coin Auction at the convention. I never had a chance to go to any of these auctions, but was told by other club members that there were some very impressive coins.

As you can see, there was a lot for me to see and do throughout that convention.

As far as the bourse tables were concerned, I followed the advice of articles I've read on how to shop for coins at such conventions. I first walked up and down the aisles taking note of those tables of interest that had the potential of satisfying my wish list. With all of the events going on at the convention, I did not have a chance to actually shop for coins until Saturday afternoon. A lot of coin dealers were "dumping coins" at great prices by Saturday. Many of them were "breaking down their tables" to go back home to their businesses in different cities. Lots of great deals were occurring that Saturday and through Sunday. I ended up buying a bunch of uncirculated coin rolls and a number of ancient Egyptian coins at good prices. Our other club members did equally well with their coin purchases. Carl did very well at his dealer table.

For me, the convention events culminated with the ANA Banquet that Saturday evening. I had the pleasure of sitting at a table next to ANA Board Governor Tom Hallenbeck (and his wife). At that table was Fred Weinberg (and his daughter)... supporters of our YN Program. Also at that table were some "big-wigs" from Krause Publications and PNG. And then there was me at this table...a coin club member from the Anchorage Coin Club. It was an enjoyable evening.

Sunday morning saw me returning to Anchorage with all those fond memories of the experience. I saw lots of friends...such as the Fivazs, the Bressetts, the Swiateks, and Robert Hoge. Our club won an award. I bought coins. I attended all those great seminars.

Come our September 2nd membership meeting, the session will be a presentation by those Anchorage Coin Club members on their experience at the ANA Convention. No doubt those members will probably be bringing in their coins that were purchased to show all of you.

Be sure to come to that meeting!


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

While in Portland at the ANA Convention, I attended the Friday afternoon presentation by Philip Diehl, US Mint director. His presentation was on the subject of the 50 slate quarter and the dollar coin programs. It proved to be a very interesting session.

The 50 State Quarter Program. The first five quarters will be released starting in early 1999. The first quarter to be issued will be the Delaware quarter with 400 million scheduled to be minted. As the year progresses the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut quarters will be released in that order...also in mintages of 400 million each. Total: 2 Billion Quarters.

Diehl believes the American public will collect a large number of these first year issued quarters. If more than 2 billion quarters are needed, he will increase the mintages accordingly for the later issue quarters.

With everyone of these quarters expected to be minted out of the Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Mints... figure on a multitude of proof, uncirculated, and silver proof sets in all sorts of different offerings. For those of you who collect uncirculated rolls, there certainly will be a lot of them for you to put together in 1999...and over the next ten years.

The new quarters will have no portrait of a living person as its design. The new quarters will also not show any bust portrait of a person.

The inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and QUARTER DOLLAR are authorized for placement onto the obverse side of the quarter. The date which has traditionally been on the obverse, will be shifted to the reverse side. All this is being done to provide for more space for each state's design.

Diehl believes collector interests will be enhanced by the 50 state circulating commemorative quarter program. No doubt it's going to be a marketing bonanza for the US Mint over the next 10 years.

The One Dollar Coin. Diehl acknowledged the supply of available Susan B. Anthony dollars will be used up sometime in 1999. As a result, the new US $1 coin is expected to be released in January, 2000. Diehl may consider one final production run of the Susan B. Anthony dollar in 1999 (with that date on the coin)...if the need is there for more additional $1 coins to get us through the year. (Chief Editor's Note: I bet it will happen. It's a great marketing opportunity for the US Mint with interesting possibilities for us collectors).

Diehl then talked about the decision made to put Sacajawea on the $1 coin. No doubt many of you members have heard about his somewhat controversial decision. Diehl, in his presentation, tried to clarify the situation.

In the choice of a design, a committee was created to advise the Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin. The final decision to be made by Rubin. The guidelines called for the design to be one or more women & not depict a living person.

New Jersey Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

New Jersey Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Coming to a decision on the woman (or women) to be depicted on the coin was not an easy process. There was strong support for the Statue of Liberty to be on the coin. Women's Rights groups advocated, having Susan B. Anthony put onto the new coin. Minority groups supported a minority woman (such as Bessie Coleman or Harriet Tubman) on the coin. Other women considered included Eleanor Roosevelt and Betsy Ross. There was even consideration of having four women featured on the new coin, but this option proved impractical due to the small size of the one dollar coin.

In the end, the recommendation was for Sacajawea, a Shoshone Indian. She was a minority woman and played a critical role in the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Clark's diary indicated their expedition party would have been killed by the Indian tribes had it not been for Sacajawea. At that time the Lewis & Clark Expedition would have been considered a war party. Seeing Sacajawea with her baby caused these tribes to reconsider the intent of the expedition. Sacajawea's ability to speak the same language proved invaluable.

In a sense, Sacajawea played the role of peacemaker between the expedition and these tribes. Because of her role as peacemaker, Diehl is considering the new dollar coin as the US Peace 2000 coin. Presumably every country will be minting a coin commemorating the theme of "Peace" that year. If decided, the word "PEACE" will then be put onto the coin.

Georgia Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Georgia Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Other reasons given was that there is no drawing or known picture of Sacajawea... which would allow for artistic license in a design that would maintain dignity for the one dollar coin.

Diehl pointed out that all members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition were compensated by the US Government for their services...with the exception of Sacajawea and the black slave who accompanied the expedition. In Clark's diary, he made clear mat this was an injustice done to Sacajawea. Such was Clark's remorse and admiration that when Sacajawea died in child birth, Clark raised her two children as his own. Diehl pointed out that in a sense, a debt is owed to Sacajawea.

Taking into consideration all these factors, the committee subsequently made the recommendation for Sacajawea as the choice for design on die new one dollar coin.

One final comment in the presentation was on the subject of the future of the $1 paper note. When the one dollar coin is brought into circulation, there is a good possibility the $1 note will be phased out.




Member Mike Orr is organizing our next coin show at the Ship Creek Mall (formerly known as the Post Office Mall) during the weekend of October 17th/18th.

Many of you club members have been asking when the next coin show will occur in Anchorage. You have also been asking when will we get back into a coin show routine again. It's been over a year and a half since there was a really meaningful coin show held here in Anchorage.

The key for continued success of any coin show is to get support from our membership in getting coin tables for such events. The price of those coin tables is what pays for table/chair rentals and advertising for these coin shows. There is no cost for use of the Ship Creek Mall for this coin show. The rest of the work is primarily volunteer in nature by members, like Mike Orr, willing to take on the really tough task of organizing such shows. It takes other volunteers to set up and break down those tables at these shows.

It's hard work doing one of these shows!

How can you help?! a table for a weekend. Tables for the show will be available at $35/table. You can contact Mike Orr at his evening number (Ph# 522-3679). Mike asks that you pay for the tables by no later than the end of September. It's a cheap enough price to pay to support such coin shows.

What can I do with that table?! You can set up a coin display exhibit. You can sell your extra coins. You can offer to do coin grading at your table to the general public. I'm sure you can come up with ideas on how to make a coin show a meaningful event.

What are other things you can do?! You can call Mike Orr up and volunteer your services to help setup coin tables and help break them down at the conclusion of the coin show. I'm sure Mike can use your help. He'll find things for you to do.

In roughly 6-7 weeks we will have our next coin show. We want to make this event a success and need your support.........Your Editors.

Connecticut Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design

Connecticut Quarter Preliminary Reverse Design



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