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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 26, Number 3


March 2013


March Membership Meeting

Tuesday March 5, 2013

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM



The regularly scheduled meeting date
has been changed to the
first Tuesday of every month,
beginning with this upcoming March 5.

It will be a Potluck.



February 6th Anchorage Coin Club
Membership Meeting


Door Prize: 1958 Washington Quarter in BU condition won by Dennis Williams.

Membership Prize: 1976S (Silver) Kennedy Half in MS63 condition won by James Garrigues.

    Club President Carl reminded members that officer elections will be held at our March membership meeting. The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Board officers are open at this time. Members wishing to serve in any of these officer positions can "throw their hat in the ring" at anytime including the day of the election.

    The club's Fur Rondy Coin Show will occur on the last weekend of Feb 23rd/24th and the first weekend of March 2nd/3rd at the University Center. Tables were still available for both weekends at $40/table; One price for both weekends. Moneys will be used for advertising. The club will provide cases for the tables.

    Club's 25th Anniversary Coin Set: Update briefing by President Carl. Arrangements have been made for the 25th Anniversary die with the Alaska Mint (Mike Robuck /owner and member of our club). By our March membership meeting, design for the die should be ready for membership inspection based upon the winning theme for the design. Die will then be made with a coin set ready for inspection by the club membership by the April membership meeting. Costs of the sets will then be announced and orders taken at that time.

    Stan Meade gave a briefing on the Girl Scout Jamboree that will occur in June. It will be a two day event. Stan would like club support for the Jamboree by sponsoring coin seminars whose purpose is to introduce numismatics and help Girl Scouts gain their merit badges in this field. Volunteers for the seminars and donations of numismatic materials.... such as coins needed. More to follow.

    The February meeting raffle coin, an 1855-O Liberty Seated Half Dollar in VF condition was won by Bill Rodeck.

Loren Lucason gave a presentation on the "Isabella Quarter."

Coin auction followed with meeting concluding following the auction.

February 20th Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting


    Club Board meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by President Carl. Meeting held at the Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant near the University Center.

    Following a review of our correspondence, Board addressed the upcoming officer elections. Candidates volunteering to serve as officers are:

    •For President: Carl Mujagic
    •For Vice-President: Glen Dean
    •For Secretary: Larry Nakata
    •For Treasurer: Stan Mead
    •For Board Officer: Loren Lucason
    •For Board Officer: John Larson

    Per our club by-laws, the third Board officer position is always filled by the club's Past President. Tim Burke will continue in this position.

    Two club members have requested endorsement from our club for serving on the American Numismatic Association's Board (ANA):

    •Walter Ostromecki for ANA President
    •Richard Jozefiak for ANA Board

Club's board reviewed and approved endorsement.

    Board discussed moving club meetings from the First Wednesday of the month to the First Tuesday of the month. Conflicting schedules at the Central Lutheran Church have caused problems at the last two club meetings. Stan Mead discussed issues with the Central Lutheran Church administrator. Recommendation from Stan was that we change our meeting date to the First Tuesday of the month. Discussed and approved by Board.

    Next club meeting will accordingly be changed to Tuesday / March 5th. An announcement on the meeting change to be made in the club's newsletter.

For our club's March 5th (Tuesday) membership meeting:

•Potluck. Members asked to bring a dish for the refreshments that evening.
•Our main talk will be on a recap and discussion of the Fur Rondy Coin Shows held at the University Center. How can we make it better.

As there was no further business to address, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM...... Larry Nakata / Secretary.

Lots Submitted by Bill Fivaz for March 5th (Tuesday) Membership Meeting

1. 35 Broadstruck Lincoln cents in BU condition Minimum Bid (MB) $50

2. 1943-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar in AU-58 MB $12

3. 1921 -P Mercury Dime Fine MB $30

4. 1851 Large Cent (N-24, R-4) in EF MB $39

5. 1901 Indian Cent in Ex. Lucky Holder AU MB $5

6. 1959-P Franklin Half Dollar DDR (FS-801) MS-64FBL MB $40

7. 1970-S (Small Date) Lincoln Cent in MS-63 MB $35

8. 1931-S Lincoln Cent VF MB $70

9. No Date 75% Off Center Nickel GEM BU P/L MB $15

10. "Chief Two-Face" Buffalo Nickel in VF MB $5

11. Donation Coin: 1990 Silver Eagle in AU


Back To Basics
By Carl Mujagic (Life Member #2)


(Note: Some articles are timeless. The following article is reprinted from our award winning newsletter from the year 2000)

    As a coin dealer, I would like to say that not all coin dealers are in it for the money. I do get satisfaction when I help someone fulfill their collection or even answer simple questions.

Here are a few helpful hints that I believe can make coin collecting enjoyable for everyone:

1. Personally, I think one of the most important parts of coin collecting is simply being educated. Good research items are books, grading guides, magazines, auction catalogs, Coin World and other types of publications.

2. Keep coin collecting as a hobby, not as an investment. It seems once coins are purchased for investment, the simple and basic enjoyment of coin collecting is forgotten.

3. Ask questions, but think first. I hear a lot of questions that could be easily answered by the person asking them. For example, I receive calls daily with questions like "I have an old silver dollar. What's it worth?" I'm sorry, but I'm not psychic. But for a mere $3.95 that particular person can buy a current copy of Coin Prices Magazine that can answer almost all of their questions.

4. Most important of all, in my opinion, is to collect what you like. Don't let anyone lead you into certain coins that you may not want or are unsure about. You can specialize in a certain series of denominations or collect everything. Being happy with all of your purchases is what matters the most in the long run.

    Many people jump head first into buying rare coins before even owning a Red Book. Most of these people have many regrets about their coin purchases. I was one of them.

Remember, ignorance is costly and education priceless!

2013 Redbook




    Please note the new dates for the Club meetings. They will be on the first Tuesday of each month starting Tuesday March 5. Please bring friends and family. We are having a potluck at this meeting so we encourage everyone to please bring a delicious item. We are also having elections and I urge people to please get involved and consider running for a position on the board. The Club needs to continue to grow and the more new people and fresh ideas to help it succeed would be ideal for everyone.

    The Alaska Mint is currently finalizing the design for the die to strike the upcoming 25th anniversary commemorative coin sets. We should be able to post a picture of the design in the next newsletter and start taking orders.

    Know any interesting coin history or facts? Consider writing an article to share with the club in the Newsletter. Send your articles and ideas to Our Facebook page following is growing slowly and there is still lots of potential for it to be a good source of Club information. We are looking for someone to assist with posting updates on Club events and information.

Your Friend in Numismatics, Carl





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President: Carl Mujagic

Vice President: Robert Hughes

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Seat #1: Loren Lucason

Board Seat #2: John Larson

Board Seat #3: Tim Burke

ACCent Editor: Carl Mujagic