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Welcome to the Alaska Coin Exchange links page. I have a few relevant links here that you may find interesting. Some you may have seen before (ANA home page) and some may be new to you (Anchorage Coin Club). Enjoy!

Note that the link will open in a new browser window!

Our first link is to the largest coin club in the United States, the American Numismatic Association. There is lots of information on their site, and you can easily pass quite a bit of time looking around there. I am a life member of the ANA.

I generally do not like internet forums, as they tend to degenerate into name calling contests. This forum site is a true exception to that rule! This forum is well run, and the participants really enjoy carrying on discussions of a wide range of (mostly) numismatic topics. A very entertaining and educational site - plan on spending a lot of time there looking around! 

Here is another forum which looks to be just getting started up as of late 2004. The focus here is exclusively on California fractional gold coins.

Both my websites are hosted by Sheer Web Host. They do a great job and have reasonable rates.

This is not really a link, just an e-mail address. I send every piece of spam that I receive to the government's can spam project. I am not sure how much it helps, or if the can spam project has actually cut down on spam at all, but I remain optimistic that one day some real action will be taken against spammers.

        Forward all your spam to:

I do link exchanges with websites that look interesting and have relevant content.

Coin World is one of the two great weekly numismatic periodicals.

Numismatic News is the other weekly periodical that you should consider subscribing to.

Lots of coin investment information available at Coin Today. They are a Numismatic and gold investment portal featuring comprehensive daily news and online resources including price guides and extensive dealer directories.